Buyer's Authorization as LLC or Corp without a Realtor

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Authorization to Release
Mailing Address for Deed*
Property Address*
Do you want to purchase Owners Title Insurance:*
This option refers to an insurance policy underwritten by Security title for the amount of purchased (up to purchase price) for a quoted premium. Title insurance is recommended though not always required. Please contact our office for further information.
Has a survey been done for this property?*
If yes, please return surveyed legal description.
Is there currently a mobile home on the property?*
If yes, please return a copy of the title to the mobile home.
Will any buyer be utilizing a third party Power of Attorney for purpose of this transaction?*
I/We hereby authorize the release of any information to Harrison Law Office, PLLC or its agents and assigns any and all information that they may require about my loan, mortgage/trust, deed, assumption loan package, payoff statements, insurance, tax reference information, judgments, or accounts concerning the above reference property.

You may reproduce this document to acquire reference from more than one source. Furthermore, "agents" shall include all real estate brokers and their salespersons or assistants, title or escrow companies and their employees, attorneys, and their employees and other assigns.
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